Briggs & Stratton Fuel Fit 100ml

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Briggs & Stratton’s new and improved Fuel Fit® keeps fuel fresh and protects engines more than ever before, even during long periods of storage! Fuel Fit not only keeps the carburetor clean for easy starting but now also protects against the corrosive effects of ethanol and maintains fuel stability for up to 3 years. 

Ideal for seasonally used equipment. Todays ethanol-blend fuels can damage engines by attracting moisture. Ethanol readily bonds with atmospheric moisture creating an ethanol-water mix, which is highly corrosive for engine parts. Fuel also begins to degrade almost as soon as you pump it.

Gums and varnishes are formed that can stick valves and clog fuel lines and carburetor jets, resulting in severe starting problems, poor engine performance, overheating and fuel leakage.

Fuel Fit’s newly developed advanced ‘triple antioxidant’ formulation with additional ingredients protects your engines through its latest technology: 

• Corrosion inhibitor that forms a protective barrier on metal parts against harmful effects of ethanol-water mix

• Detergent ingredients to prevent gum and varnish build-up on engine parts

• Metal de-activators which stop chemical reactions caused by dissolved metals in fuel Available in 100 ml and 250 ml bottles. 

100 ml Fuel Fit treats up to 10L of unleaded fuel.

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