DR Pro Stump Grinder

  • £1,899.00

With DR Stump Grinder never again will you struggle with back-breaking and time consuming methods of stump removal like digging by hand, ripping out with a tractor and chains, burning or chemicals. Thanks to a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine producing 7kW of power and carbide-tipped cutting teeth, the DR Stump Grinder can pulverize any size stump and turn it into a pile of wood chips. Compact and manoeuvrable, the DR Stump Grinder can operate almost anywhere.The adjustable handlebars keep the operator comfortably in control. A simple, rugged design, with few moving parts, means this machine will be around for many years of fast stump removal.
Note: Replacement Teeth not included.8 carbide-tipped cutting teeth (replaceable) are mounted to a ½" cutter head that supplies tremendous rotating inertia. Cutter head is housed in a protective directional steel shroud which shows exactly where the cutting teeth are making contact, while protecting operator from thrown debris. Teeth are tipped with mining-grade tungsten carbide. The full set of cutting teeth can be easily replaced in about 15 minutes (1 bolt for each of 8 cutting teeth).

EngineBriggs & Stratton 14.5 FPT
Length51 in
Width29 in
Height39 in
Teeth8 (replaceable)
Tyre Size15 X 4.75 in