DR TR4 PRO-XL SELF PROP Wheeled Trimmer

  • £1,099.00

Tackle hills, slopes, and tough terrain with the top-of-the-line self-propelled model. Variable-speed drive allows you to walk at your own comfortable pace while the DR trims your property to perfection. Attach new cords in seconds, without tools! Choose from one of five cutting heights (1.5 to 3.5in) when you attach new cords. And the DR wide-body design prevents vegetation from wrapping and tangling around the trimmer head, even in tall grass. The new trimmer guard helps to keep cut material under control, whilst allowing a wider cutting width of 22“. The guard also enables the underside of the deck to be open - making servicing work much easier. The new frame is complete with a wrap-around cast aluminium front bumper. The front bumper adds strength and rigidity, and protects the oversized bearing housing from bumps and scrapes, making the TR4 the most durable, DR Trimmer/Mower to date. The redesigned frame of the TR4 Trimmer/Mower is permanently offset to the left, for easy trimming along walls and under hedges and fences, enabling the Power Drive model to also benefit from PTA for the first time.

Cutting Width22in
Cutting HeightAdjustable, 1.5in - 3.5in
Frame14-Gauge Steel
EngineBriggs & Stratton 875 Pro Series
Starting SystemElectric
Power3.7 kW
Fuel Tank Capacity1.1 Litre
Wheel Size14 in Resin
Weight36 kg