Grillo G84 2 Wheel Tractor With 60cm Cultivator

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The Grillo G84 is a powerful,strong and robust machine with simple, uncomplicated controls and a professional type clutch. 

It is the favourite machine for the commercial operator or perhaps for those with large allotments or gardens, indeed for any type of rotavation work. Fitted with an easy starting and powerful Honda GX petrol engine (complete with a full wrap around engine guard) the G84 is never found wanting, its heavy duty, Grillo manufactured all gear drive system has 2 forward and 2 reverse gears and is equipped with 4.00 x 8 wheels.

 The vibration damped handles are adjustable in height to suit all operators and they can easily be rotated from side to side to prevent walking on the tilled soil.

The 60cm adjustable tiller head has 2 settings,one for soft ground and one for hard and is equipped with a strong and robust Grillo built gear drive for long life. The special heat treated tines are easily replaced.

 A variety of useful attachments such as  furrowers, mowers, snow blade plus a power brush are available to extend the usefulness of this machine.

As with all our walking tractors the G84 is fitted with our own in house designed and built gearbox which has been developed over a 50 year period giving us maximum confidence in our product.